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Our Journey

Hilton Miller Architects was founded in March 2019, after 19 years working for Warren and Mahoney Architects (one of New Zealand's most prestigious architectural firms).

Design and Client focused, we provide full architectural services to enable a bespoke and carefully considered design through an organised process, ensuring a cohesive and collaborative approach. 

We Listen. Every client and site is unique, we will work with you to develop your brief and understand the initial context and drivers. These ideas are fully examined and further explored through sketches and finally translated into the built form. 

Our design philosophy is threefold:

  • Enrich the lives of the inhabitants and guests

  • Stand the test of time

  • Respect environmental and site context

These three simple ideas are derived from a larger context of design excellence, healthy living, sustainable design, material/ environmental analysis, build-ability and budget; all of these are an absolute and become interwoven within our process.

Architecture is not only form and artistic style but it is also space and experience, the built form will represent those that live in it and how they share their environment with others.

Based in Queenstown, New Zealand, we have a strong affiliation with the Central Otago environment and greater South Island. We are passionate about architecture and good design, will always engage and be open about the process; ultimately striving for the best possible outcome.

Our Clients, we listen

Our client base is varied, from large commercial clients, designing internationally, to bespoke residential houses and carefully considered alteration work throughout the Wakatipu basin and beyond.

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